1042-GIS Applications Support Engineer

Thursday, January 05, 2017 10:25 AM | Mōno Simeone (Administrator)
Job Title*: 1042-GIS Applications Support Engineer
Job Description: The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is recruiting for the position of 1042 GIS Applications Support Engineer. The scope of this position will focus on the development, implementation, maintenance, and highly complex analysis of digital spatial data to support decision-making relevant to the Watch Center and Emergency Operation Center (EOC) activations during disaster and/or special events. 

Under general supervision and direction, the GIS Applications Support Engineer will be responsible for the creation and analysis of digital spatial data to support decision-making within the department. To perform the design, operation, and administration functions related to the development and analysis of various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and projects pertaining to the City and County of San Francisco; and to perform related work as required. 

Examples of important and essential duties include, but is not limited to the following: 
*Evaluate departmental mapping needs and provide recommendations for how to better integrate GIS in the EOC. 
*Review the existing DES ArcGIS Online application and update it to better meet the needs of the department based on user input. 
*Use maps and geographic information in a range of applications that support the collection and analysis of data utilizing multiple sources of information, including GIS to develop reporting systems. 
*Design, operate, and administer functions related to the development and analysis of various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data pertaining to the City and County of San Francisco. 
*Perform and manage emergency operations notifications and updates based on GIS data; this includes CCSF / Alert SF system list maintenance, upgrades and the development of notification templates 
*Create and share maps and datasets with city and regional partners using ESRI ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, and/or ArcGIS Server. 
*Construct and develop statistical reports and analytical computer models to support decision-making. 
*Participate in the city and regional GIS related planning groups as a DES representative 
*Coordinate data acquisition and exchanges, project schedule, and software training to internal and external agencies. 
*Provide training technical guidance to staff involved in system usage interpreting satellite photos, cartography, data analysis, experimental design and capturing data for conversion into GIS usable formats. 
*Evaluate departmental RFPs and other contracts requiring GIS support to ensure consistency with data use policies and quality of contracted GIS products and services proposed for the department. 
*Coordinate and budget for the purchasing of GIS software, hardware, and related equipment by researching item specifications, costs, and delivery requirements, and preparing budget estimates for agency and vendor purchase of GIS equipment. 
*Document procedures related to the use of GIS related systems, production of reports, and provide guidance to staff.
Salary: $10,604.00/month; $101,140.00 - $127,244.00/year
Organization*: City and County of San Francisco
Department: Department of Emergency Management
Address*: 1011 Turk Street

SAN FRANCISCO, California 94102
United States
Contact Name: Patty Wong
Contact Email: Patty.Wong@sfgov.org
Contact Phone Number: 415-558-3821
Contact Fax Number: 415-000-0000
Website: https://www.jobaps.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=TEX&R2=1042&R3=073120

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