Educational Meeting: Local Government & Asset Management Technology

  • Thursday, May 22, 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • MTC BLDG, MetroCenter Auditorium,101 Eighth St., Oakland, CA


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101 Eighth St., Oakland
MetroCenter Auditorium
Oakland, CA 94601
This Education meeting will highlight the GIS work and direction of two local government GIS programs and introduce to many a new mobile street level surveying technology, Cyclomedia.

1) Mike Hargreaves, GIS Coordinator
City of Santa Rosa

“GIS development and evolution at the City of Santa Rosa”

The City of Santa Rosa has a long history with GIS web sites.  The first was a Map Objects/Visual Basic site created for us in 2000.  Wanting more control, we opted to go with a MapGuide/Cold Fusion site in 2002.  The first public site was created in 2003.  MapGuide upgraded in 2005.  The City started hosting sites for five other Sonoma County cities in 2006.  A subscription service was added in 2008.  Started working with ArcGIS Server and Latitude Geographics Geocortex authoring tool in 2009.  Finally shut down the MapGuide sites in 2013.  The City now has both Silverlight and HTML5 based sites.


2) Paul Burrows, Sales Western Region
Cycomedia Technology Inc.

Cyclomedia is a pioneer in mobile street-level surveying technology with over 30 years of experience. The company supplies accurately positioned 360-degree street images (Cycloramas) in combination with a user-friendly SaaS web viewer and as plug-ins into the GIS and mapping software applications. The session will focus on panoramic images utilized in ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online as well as the API implantation capabilities into AutoCAD and virtually  any other existing workflows (Microstation et all).  The goal is to teach users that accuracy and measurements can be done in a panoramic image based on technology currently available to be able to gather  information  that solves problems in all aspects of asset management. We will focus on one case study, Washington DC and how they are using panoramas for evaluation os their assets. More info.


3rd Speaker, TBD.

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