Educational Meeting: Public Safety

  • Thursday, May 23, 2013
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • MTC BLDG, MetroCenter Auditorium,101 Eighth St., Oakland, CA


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Public Safety

101 Eighth St., Oakland
MetroCenter Auditorium
Oakland, CA 94601

1) GIS for Volunteers: Mapping support for Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

We will have two presenters for this session
Don Prosnitz, Volunteer Walnut Creek CERT

Don Prosnitz is not a GIS professional. He has long experience working on national counter-terrorism response, was the Chief Science and Technology Advisor to the Attorney General and is an active member of the City of Walnut Creek's CERT organization. Walnut Creek CERT is divided up into 7 CERT response areas, each with its own Incident Command Staff and deployable survey and SAR ( search and rescue) teams.  He will describe the needs of the Walnut Creek CERT organization for GIS support and the public-private partnership consisting of City GIS experts, volunteer GIS professionals and amateur "map makers" that is not only preparing maps for the Walnut Creek CERT but also providing ground truth for the City of Walnut Creek.  He will describe some of the unusual requirements for GIS support to a large, diverse volunteer organization.

Khin Chin, Associate Management Analyst
City of Berkeley CERT program mapping experiences

2) GIS Corps, SAR and MapSAR Presentation
Dave Hanson, GISP

This presentation at BAAMA covers a GIS Corps project to assist in the use of GIS for wildland search and rescue (SAR).  This GIS Corps project for California began with a  call for volunteers in November 2012. It now involves about nine volunteers located in both northern and Southern California.  The project is in the initial stages with 3 primary objectives.
  * Training for SAR volunteers in the use of GIS  and MapSAR as a tool for responding to an incident
  * Integrating GIS volunteers with SAR teams,
  * Assisting in further development of the MapSAR tool

The presentation will include a brief demonstration of the MapSAR interface.  MapSAR is a free package for use with ArcGIS Desktop version 10.1

...details coming soon

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