Mapping Tools for Making Informed Decisions: State, Regional and Local Resources

  • Thursday, September 27, 2012
  • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • MTC, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607


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Speaker #1: State
California Coastal Mapping Program
Scott Toews 
Ocean Protection Council

The California Coastal Mapping Program is a comprehensive effort to combine seafloor mapping data with shoreline data to create seamless onshore-offshore maps of California’s coastline. 

Speaker #2: Regional
The Conservation Lands Network 
Ryan Branciforte (Director of Programs)
Bay Area Open Space Council

The Conservation Lands Network (CLN) presents a shared vision for biodiversity conservation in the nine-county Bay Area.During the course of the project, publicly available datasets were compiled and more were created to identify significant natural areas with rich biodiversity for inclusion in the CLN.  These data have been made available in two formats – the Conservation Lands Network Explorer and the Conservation Lands Network GIS Database.  Both tools are at

Explorer is an interactive web-based mapping tool that allows users - regardless of their GIS capabilities - to review the biodiversity values of an area of interest by delineating its boundaries on Explorer’s map and creating a Biodiversity Portfolio Report. The CLN GIS Database, downloadable from the project website, contains over 150 datasets with jurisdiction, land use, transportation, and extensive ecological information for the Bay Area to facilitate custom analyses. 

Speaker #3: Local
GIS Reborn: (Re)thinking geographic data and tools in a cloud era
Ian White (CEO) 
Urban Mapping Inc. 

Talk will discuss how web-based technologies have ushered in wave of innovation to a traditionally stodgy and isolated activity in the enterprise and public sector. Gone are the expectations of six weeks to source data, create a map and deploy a web application. In this talk, Urban Mapping CEO Ian White will discuss how the needs of web-based services have helped spawn a new generation of geographic data and technologies that will enhance applications with advanced geographic capabilities. Embedded geographic technology will be infused across myriad applications, with geo being pervasive but in the background.  

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