Mobile Mapping Solutions

  • Thursday, May 24, 2012
  • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • MTC, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607


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Please join us for an interesting morning of presentations regarding mobile data collection technologies.  Learn more about opportunities to use smart phones and other devices to efficiently collect data in the field; how to efficiently load and utilize your own data; and see how high resolution 3D imagery can be used to very accurately capture field assets locations and dimensions.


Smart phone mapping apps that work offline during disasters
Mike Prince, Citizen 911, Inc.

Mike Prince will present a mapping application designed for use in emergencies on ordinary smart phones.  The application pre-loads mapping and web resources to provide full functionality even when the
cell network and Internet are unavailable.  A flexible area and asset storage design allows a fast and responsive UI, and also wide area coverage.  Analytics packages on the phone can generate field reports, and also render maps and tabulated data to nearby browsers.


Open Source Geodata Collection on 21st Century Mobile Devices

Adam Lodge, Farallon Geographics Open Data Kit (ODK), an open source data collection platform for
tablets and smartphones, is an attractive tool meeting conventional GIS data collection needs.  Initially conceived for use in third world countries, the software components are free to acquire, easy to set up, and even easier to use.  Because it is open source, it is relatively simple to extend it beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities.  This presentation will outline ODK's technical components (and limitations), define the business opportunity it presents, and provide a demonstration of how to set up a simple ODK project.



Mobile Data Collection

Mike Eggers, Earthmine Inc.


Earthmine is a mobile mapping company delivering 3d accurate, street-level imagery on the desktop, the web and mobile devices. We serve a number of markets around the world in the enterprise and consumer space. Earthmine allows users to take centimeter precise measurements and gather sub-meter accurate GPS information by simply clicking on the 32 megapixel panoramic imagery.  This presentation we will introduce earthmine technology, give an overview of earthmine's products and solutions, and do a live demonstration We'll also talk about some specific use cases where end users saved significant time and money with the earthmine Solution.

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