Directory of Volunteer Professionals
Contact Number   2
First Name   Richard
Job Title   GIS Manager
Organization Type   Planning, Design and Environmental Consultant
Location   Peninsula/SF
Job Description   Build GIS team and conduct training, manage GIS databases, analyze and assure quality of data, generate metadata, produce maps
Previous Experience   GIS Planner/Analyst, Metropolitan Transportation Commission; Senior Town Planner, Huntersville, NC; Assistant Town Planner, Apex, NC
Degree   M.A., Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Degree   B.S., Environmental Planning and Urban Design, Rutgers University
Contact Number   4
First Name   Jeff
Job Title   Research Analyst
Organization Type   State Environmental Agency
Location   East Bay
Job Description   GIS analyst and coordinator for government environmental agency of 120 staff members
Previous Experience   GIS Intern
Degree   M.A., Geography, San Francisco State University
Degree   B.A., Political Science/History, U.C. Berkeley
Contact Number   5
First Name   Garlynn
Job Title   Project Coordinator
Organization Type   Planning, Urban Design and Architecture Consultant
Location   East Bay
Job Description   Regional and urban planning; transportation and land use modeling; GIS for scenario building, planning and analysis
Previous Experience   GIS Planner/Analyst, Metropolitan Transportation Commission; GIS Analyst, Sonoma Technology, Inc.; GIS Technician, Bureau of Transportation, City of Portland, OR
Degree   B.A., Geography, Portland State University, Oregon
Degree   A.A., Liberal Arts, Simon's Rock College of Bard, Massachusetts
Contact Number   6
First Name   Greg
Job Title   GIS Planner
Organization Type   County Planning Department
Location   South Bay
Job Description   Urban planning: staff public counter, provide zoning and development information. GIS: administer GIS; create, edit, update and QC data; conduct analysis; produce maps. PC and network administration: troubleshoot network, install new PCs, assign passwords and privileges
Degree   M.A., Regional and City Planning, Oklahoma University
Degree   B.S., Resource Planning and Interpretation, Humboldt State University

Contact Number   12
First Name   Brian
Job Title   GIS Analyst II
Organization Type   County Development Agency
Location   North Bay
Job Description   Develop and implement applications, models and databases for comprehensive geographic and land information program used by multiple county departments
Previous Experience   Implementation of citywide database and applications, City of Berkeley; disaster modeling and GIS, Charles Schwab; geotech and environmental engineering, Bechtel Corp.
Degree   Ph.D., Geophysics (Rock Physics), Stanford University
Degree   M.S., Geophysics, Stanford University
Degree   B.S., Geophysics, UC Riverside
Contact Number   14
First Name   Bruce
Job Title   Principal
Organization Type   Consulting Servuces
Location   East Bay
Job Description   Provide GIS implementation and management services, public policy formulation assistance, and organizational therapy to public agencies and private companies
Previous Experience   Positions with four consulting companies
Degree   M.C.P., City and Regional Planning, M.I.T.
Degree   B. Arch., Architecture, U.C. Berkeley
Contact Number   15
First Name   Patrick
Job Title   GIS Coordinator
Organization Type   County Government
Location   North Bay
Job Description   Management of enterprise GIS serving county government and other local jurisdictions; coordination of regional GIS activities; application development
Previous Experience   GIS experience since 1986, including school facilities, geologic exploration and environmental analysis
Degree   B.A., Geography, U.C. Santa Barbara
Contact Number   19
First Name   Svetlana
Job Title   Research Scientist
Organization Type   State Health Department
Location   East Bay
Job Description   Conduct health-related research; collect, manage, analyze data; use GIS for data analysis and visualization
Degree   M.P.H., Epidemiology, UCLA
Degree   B.S., Biology, UCLA
Contact Number   20
First Name   Ya
Job Title   Senior Transportation Planner
Organization Type   Government Transportation Agency
Location   South Bay
Job Description   Maintain and update countywide transportation model, apply model for short- and long-term planning, employ GIS cartographical analysis for transportation use
Previous Experience   Transit Online Inventory Project presented at 2011 TransITech
Degree   Ph.D., Transportation Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Degree   B.A., Economics, Nan Kai University
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